Does Drinking Alcohol Speed The Aging Process? How? Why? And can we stop it?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Lower your alcohol intake

First of all let me say there is no nutrient value in alcohol. In fact, alcohol can badly affect your nutrition levels by decreasing the oxygen in your body and disturb Vitamin A level, which is very important antioxidant for your skin and it is vital in the redevelopment of new cells.

Vitamin A is also extremely important in the making of collagen that we are all so desperately putting in our bodies by so many different ways i.e. food we consume or skin products we apply. So is over drinking really worth it??

When you have less collagen, you lose elasticity in your skin. We know collagen keeps your skin firm, elastic and youthful.

With age your skin loses collagen. By over drinking you essentially speed the aging process.

We are constantly exposed to other objects that speeds this process i.e. pollution, sun and smoke.

So stop over drinking if you want to look younger. Simple right!! M o d e r a t i o n!!!

Can drinking alcohol really speed up the aging process?

Well, bottom line yes, it can make you age faster by causing wrinkles. It can cause premature wrinkles, loss of collagen, elasticity, redness, dehydration and puffiness.

The key here is the amount and how often you drink that play a massive factor in your aging process. This is where some of us can get carried away. Moderation guys, you can do just about most things in MODERATION.

For those of you who are getting upset now, settle petal, good news, there are some recent studies that indicate that alcohol has some health benefits – when you drink in ……you got it MODERATION.

Studies have shown that moderate drinking can help to lower cholesterol and lower the risk of heart attack (as compared to non-drinkers, especially in older men). It can also help to lower the risk of diabetes by improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and lower the risk of dementia.

So let’s take few minutes to really dig in as to How and Why drinking Alcohol plays huge factor in speeding our aging process apart from losing collagen.

Well, a little common sense here.


The Human body is almost 50% composed of water. Our skin needs a lot of water to perform its normal barrier protective function to appear heathy and lively. So Alcohol does the opposite, it dehydrates your skin and body. When your skin becomes very dry, it’s more likely to wrinkle and you can appear older than you look.

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