Frequently Asked Questions about treatments at SNAC

Sabetian Natural Appearance Clinic

Soraya Sabetian

Registered Nurse

Frequently Asked Questions about treatments at SNAC

General FAQs

Do I need to have a consultation prior to treatment?

Yes, you do! Everybody’s skin is different, and what works for some may not work for others. At SNAC, we offer a complimentary skin consultation in order to decide on the best treatment, or course of treatments, to achieve your desired results. It’s important that you are part of this process - it’s your skin, after all!

Will you advise me on skincare following treatment?

Healthy, youthful skin goes well beyond what happens in the clinic, and we get to know your skin pretty well when we’re working with you. This means that we are able to advise on the best skincare products and routines for your specific skin.

Will it be obvious that I’ve had something done if I get injectables?

No. We are a natural appearance clinic, so our goal is to keep you looking just that - natural. Results are, of course, noticeable, but unless you tell people that you’ve had something done, they will just think you’ve discovered the fountain of eternal youth!

I’m not the “type” to get facial enhancements, but I’m self-conscious about my appearance. Can you help me?

Our approach is all about making you feel confident in your own skin. There is always a treatment option for you to suit your skin, your needs, and to get the results you desire without making it look obvious that you’ve had something done. Our complimentary consultation will help find a path towards your best skin that you are comfortable with.

I’ve had something done at another clinic, but it looks horrible - can you fix it?

Yes, probably! Soraya is very experienced in fix-up jobs. Book a complimentary consultation to see how she can help restore your skin to its former beauty!

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