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Sabetian Natural Appearance Clinic

Soraya Sabetian

Cosmetic Nurse

Non-Invasive Skin Therapy at SNAC

Not everybody is prepared to have injectable cosmetic therapy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the health and appearance of your skin with less invasive procedures.


SNAC's treatments and services cover most aspects of skin health and appearance.  Whether you are concerned about your uneven skin, acne, hormonal changes, pigmentation, sun damage, or just want that glow back for a special occasion, we can help you to look your best.


Your face is the part of yourself that you show to the world, so we’ve created a website full of information on each procedure so that you can feel informed. We invite you to have a good look at this information and book a consultation.


Appearance enhancement is important for men too. We all feel the need to look fresh, age appropriate and have great skin. Hence we have made a section just for men.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Auckland New Zealand

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Is placed into targeted areas of the skin, it will forms an environment which helps in growing collagen, regenerates the tissues and makes your skin smooth and tight.

Microneedling in auckland


Microneedling helps to increase your collagen production, thereby improving the texture of your skin, and reducing fine lines and scarring.

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Mesotherapy Skin Boost

It is a unique anti-aging, poly-revitalizing complex that nourishes the skin by providing the ingredients that it needs to thrive.

Appearance Medicine for Men in Auckland

Appearance Medicine for Men

When deep creases and frown lines start making you look aged or permanently unhappy, you can now consider getting a little extra help from Sabetian Natural Appearance Clinic (SNAC). We offer injectable treatments specifically for men.

Non-Invasive Skin Therapy at SNAC auckland new zealand


Cosmetic injectables help to reduce the signs of ageing by restoring texture and volume, and reducing wrinkles.

First Consultation

During your consultation, you’ll get to talk to Soraya about any problems you’re experiencing and what you would like to gain from cosmetic enhancement. Soraya will assess your skin and create a tailored treatment plan just for you.

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