Platelet Rich Plasma PRP in Sabetian Natural Appearance Clinic

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Soraya Sabetian

Registered Nurse

PRP improves your skin's texture, thickness and luminosity

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a simple, safe, non-surgical procedure utilising your own cells for your skin’s rejuvenation – no artificial products required.


PRP stimulates collagen and elastin production which thickens and tightens thinning skin, effectively smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. This is a fantastic anti-ageing skin treatment.


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Is Platelet Rich Plasma right for you?

Your skin is unique, and so are your needs. If you’re considering PRP as a treatment option, please book a complimentary skin consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is effective in the treatment of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Dark circles under eyes

  • Textural and tone improvement

  • Dull dry skin

  • Hair growth stimulation

  • Saggy and wrinkly neck

  • Aged hands

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • General signs of skin ageing

  • Certain types of alopecia or general hair thinning

PRP is also suitable for:

  • People who may experience risk of allergic reactions from other treatments

  • People looking for a natural treatment using the body’s own healing process

  • The treatment is suitable for all skin tones

  • The treatment is safe for pregnant and breast-feeding patients


Because PRP boosts collagen, it's also a great treatment for improving overall skin texture and tone. It's particularly good for people who suffer from rosacea or acne.


​PRP therapy nourishes the skin with a fresh flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that rejuvenates and revives the skin to bring back the glamour quotient of your eyes. PRP therapy also helps by healing the root cause of dark undereye circles.

Improve your skin’s appearance, naturally

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets (also known as thrombocytes).


It’s derived from your own blood, containing over 300 active growth factors. Studies have shown that the body’s natural healing process is activated when PRP is added to a treatment area, releasing specific proteins that lead to regeneration and rejuvenation.​