Frequently asked questions about our non-surgical facelift/Galvanic spa treatment

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Frequently asked questions about our non-surgical facelift/Galvanic spa treatment

Non-Surgical Facelift/Galvanic Spa FAQs

What is a galvanic spa treatment?

The Galvanic Spa uses self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable conductors that work synergistically with SNAC’s special gel products, a formulated treatment to facilitate the transport of key ingredients to the skin. These negative charges repel each other, delivering the Pre-Treat Gel to the skin.

What is a galvanic facial?

A galvanic facial is a hydrating treatment. This facial can be considered a 'non-surgical face lift'. The treatment involves the use of a device that uses low-level galvanic (electric) current to facilitate the transport of key ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin for improved cleansing, hydration, circulation, and radiance.

Who cannot receive a galvanic facial?

While going for a galvanic facial, it is important to know whether or not it is suitable for you. Generally, it is said to be suitable for almost every type of skin, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. But, galvanic facial is not recommended for you if:

You are diabetic.

You are pregnant.

You have large metal implants in your body.

You have a pacemaker.

You have circulatory problems.

Who will benefit from Galvanic Facial Treatments?

A galvanic facial treatment is especially meant for almost every skin type, be it normal, dry or oily. While it helps in restoring moisture to dry skin, it also helps to eliminate accumulation of oil that leads to acne in case of oily skin. This is a facial which not only hydrates skin, but also increases the capacity of your skin to retain moisture.

If you are suffering from congestion of skin pores, which is a common woe for everyone with oily skin, a galvanic facial could be a solution for you.

What is a Galvanic Spa device?

Small, smart, and powerful, the Galvanic Spa II features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp, and body. Together with SNAC’s specially formulated treatment products, this system delivers more key anti-aging ageLOC ingredients to your skin than Galvanic Spa II alone.

What is Galvanic Body Spa?

Ergonomically designed for ease of use and handling during body treatments, the new ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa, when used with ageLOC Body Shaping Gel, targets the ultimate sources of aging while diminishing the appearance of fat and cellulite, and smoothes skin to provide a slimmer, more toned appearance.

Rejuvenate your complexion with a galvanic facial

Results Highlights

  • Intense hydration diminishes appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Dramatic firming and lifting of facial contours
  • Two-part facial illuminates complexion
  • Unique water-based gels derived from natural botanicals
  • Reveals a younger, fresher looking you

What current is used in Galvanic Treatment?

The current used depends on the treatment you are receiving. Below is a comparison:

Treatment: Galvanic (galvanism)

Current type: Direct and constant

Therapies: Desincrustation, Iontophoresis

Treatment: Faradic - Also known as Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), Faradism, Excitomotor current (USA), Electrical Muscle Stuimulation (EMS)

Current type: Direct, pulsed (0.1–1 ms) surged (~25 per min.)

Therapies: Muscle toning

What is Galvanic Body Treatment?

The aim of a body galvanic treatment is to soften areas of stubborn fat and disperse any fluid that is retained in the area. The treatment disperses the lumpy fat cells associated with cellulite, so it can be used on many areas of the body.

Can I do a Galvanic Facial at home?

Although Galvanic facials are best done under expert care, you can learn how to use the device at home. Ask your SNAC expert to teach you how to use this amazing device for the best results. It is recommended to use the special gel that works specifically with this device. You will be instructed to invest in good quality facial cleanser and moisturizer that is specifically for your skin type for an individual result.

Galvanic facial at home: Cautions

  • Follow the normal structure of your bones while using the machine
  • The area around the eyes should be avoided
  • Be careful not to pull your skin while using the machine
  • Read the instructions before using this device