Frequently asked questions about our LED Light Therapy Treatments

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Frequently asked questions about our LED Light Therapy Treatments

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LED Light Therapy Facial  /  Non-Invasive Treatments Pricing

Non-Invasive Treatments FAQs

What does your LED Light Facial Mask do?

Depending on which wavelength is used, light therapy can increase collagen production and cell renewal, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, reduce pigmentation & even skin tone, shrink large pores and smooth skin texture, fight acne causing bacteria, and minimize scarring.

Is there proof that LED facial technology works?

LED devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk”; they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure. The LEDs emit no UV light, so there is no risk of sunburn or skin cancer. This treatment has no adverse reactions and no recovery time.

We recommend speaking to your doctor first if you are pregnant, have epilepsy or photoallergy or are taking any of the following medications: steroids injections, cortisone injections, medications causing light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline).

How often can I use a LED facial Mask?

We recommend you use the mask for 15 minutes a day, every day to see optimal results.

Is LED Light treatment abrasive or painful?

Light therapy is a gentle, painless, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment. You'll have no recovery time after your treatment.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Light therapy stimulates your own cells natural healing and collagen production, so the most visible results are not immediate. The skin can look different after the first treatment:

smoother and more hydrated with a natural radiant glow, and with each treatment you will see improvement.

Acne scars and scars from other types of injuries can start to improve in as little as two weeks and should gradually fade over time with continued use.

Should I continue my skin care routine as normal?

Absolutely! The LED mask will help to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level, so will amplify the results achieved in other facial treatments. We recommend using the LED mask as an addition to your existing skincare regime.

Is LED light therapy suitable for everyone?

Light therapy will have the greatest impact on skin cells with sluggish metabolism and slow cellular activity, showing visible signs of aging. It can be used on all skin types, colours and conditions.

Can I use LED Light Therapy after my Botulinum Toxin (wrinkle relaxer) injections?

We recommended that you wait two weeks after Botulinum Toxin injections before beginning to use the mask. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor or dermatologist.

Can I go out in the sun after this treatment?

Yes. LEDs emit no UV light and the treatment does not increase photo-sensitivity. We always recommend you slip, slop, slap every day to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Can LED light Therapy cause sunburn or skin cancer?

No. Sunburn and skin cancer are caused by light exposure from UV wavelengths, which the LEDs do not emit.