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Botulinum Toxin For Men 

Is Botulinum Toxin right for men?

When deep creases and frown lines start making you look aged or permanently unhappy, you can now consider getting a little extra help from Sabetian Natural Appearance Clinic (SNAC). We offer injectable treatments specifically for men. 


The name speaks for itself “Natural”, maximizing on the understanding of facial structure and how to get a natural, masculine result.  Men are excellent candidates for Botulinum Toxin, though they generally have heavier muscles than women and require more product.


Here at SNAC, our mission is for a more natural look.  Our complimentary consultation will provide you an accurate indication on how to achieve the fresh look so no one would know you have had a cosmetic enhancement. 


Your friends and family will think you have had a great holiday, a good relaxing weekend, or a good night’s rest.  


We understand that some clients would like to keep their cosmetic enhancement private.  Let us reassure you that your confidentiality is our main priority.

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